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Spun-cast pipes of heat-resistant and corrosion-proof steels and alloys (45Х25Н20С, 50Х25Н35С2Б, 50Х25Н35В5К15С, 45Х28Н49В5С, 10Х20Н32ТЮ, etc.) according to Spec 1333-047-00220302-02, intended for manufacturing of coils for tube furnaces, and ammonia, hydrogen, and carbon disulfide production plants operating in the temperature range of 760-10600C and under pressures of up to 3.92 MPA (40 kgf/cm2). The pipe diameters are 85 to 320 mm, and pipe length, up to 12,000 mm.
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Shaped castings made of heat resistant and corrosion resistant steels and alloys are used in tube furnace serpentines, ammonia, hydrogen, ethylene, carbon bisulphide plants with 760 -1060 Сo operating temperature and pressure up to 3.92 МPa (40 kgf/cm2) in accordance with TU 4112-077-00220302-2003, carbon and alloyed steel and iron castings in accordance with company standard STP 4.2.3.-10.8-01-2003.

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Products for petroleum industry: tubes which are welded into strands up to 15,000 mm long, serpentines tubes etc. Products are inspected with dye penetrant and X-rays and tested with 200 kgf/cm2 pressure.

OAO Cherepovets Casting & Mechanical Plant has long relations with Russian leading industries.
The plant produces items for petroleum industry which are inspected with dye penetrant and X-rays and tested with 200 kgf/cm2 pressure.
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Double tube suspension is used in tube furnaces as fastening fitting for cooling and convection serpentines.

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Spare parts of iron-and-nickel based corrosion-resistant steels and alloys for chemical pumps of АХ type (Versions К, Е, И. and А) and Х type (Versions Д and Л): pump bodies, seal bodies, protective disks, suction covers, impellers (open and closed), bearing housings, flanges, and guide devices.
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Rigging for thermochemical treatment shaft furnaces of США, СШЦМ, Ц-105, Ц-75, and Ц-60 type, such as retorts, crucibles, muffles, basket rings, basket bottoms, diffusers, etching troughs, pillars, crossbars, grates, and endogenerator rings of heat-resistant steels and alloys: 40X24H12d, 20X25H19C2Л, and ХН45Ю.
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Spare parts of dipping equipment of hot galvanizing lines: drums, levers, and barrels made of AISI 316L low-carbon steel resistant to corrosive environments.
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Rollers for collecting roller tables (their barrels are made of ЧЮХШ high-strength heat-resistant cast iron) to transfer the rolled product from the chiller to the shears and to the finished goods warehouse).
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Rollers for machines for continuous casting of horizontal, radial, and curved type (roller barrels are made of 38X2H2MA and 20X17H2 steels).
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Rollers for thermal and heating furnaces with a roller floor, used for heating and thermal treatment of metal plates, rails, pipes, and other blanks (roller barrels are made of heat-resistant steels and alloys: 20X25H19C2Л, 20X23H18, or Х28Н448В5Л).
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