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Environment management system is implemented in the plant. The target of all environment management activities are sustainable use of natural resources, water consumption decrease, air emissions and waste water reduction, by-products and recycled materials management.
Induction furnace cooling system was revamped in order to reduce waste water volume - industrial flow water system was replaced by special cooling fluid recirculation which resulted in water rate decrease by 40 m3/day. Continuous improvement of labor conditions, assessment of working places contribute to significant reduction of air emissions which is evidenced by check measurements of respective labs.

CHLMZ entered into long term agreements with various waste recovery plants. While purchasing new equipment, high emphasis is placed on lack of negative environmental impact and availability of ecological certificate with parameters which meet environmental regulation requirements.
Induction furnaces have recirculation cooling systems with no industrial waste water. All dust emitting facilities in foundries are equipped with up-to-date dust catching systems that prevent hazardous emissions into air.
Sand mixture is regenerated in special plant which enables mixture recycling in the process and excludes waste removal from the plant.
As a result of sustainable target-oriented environmental activities, the plant was certified for environmental safety.

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