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Assembly & Welding Shop

Welded steel structures and off-standard items made from flat and section steel are produced in CHLMZ Assembly & Welding Shop. Availability of wide range and application facilities as well as highly skilled personnel contribute to solving various production tasks. This shop can produce cold stamped and bended items up to 5,000 mm long. With high performance of sheet and plate bending machine, it is possible to produce cylinder and taper shell rings. CHLMZ commissioned HYPETHERM plasma cutting machine (German supplier) which can cut up to 2000x6000 mm tailored blanks of 0.5 - 150 mm carbon and stainless steel sheets and plates. TERMITE thermal plasma-flame cutting machine (Russian supplier from Tver) is also available. TERMITE machine is equipped with two gas torches and one plasma torch which enables simultaneous tailored cutting of common steel plates up to 300 mm thick with two torches as well as tailored cutting of non-ferrous alloys up to 40 mm thick. Sheets and plates as long as 12,000 mm can be cut in twin cutting table. Hydraulic test stand is used to perform hydraulic testing of 12, 000 mm tubes with 150 kg/cm2 pressure. Assembly & Welding Shop adopted pipe strand technology for oil & gas applications.

Machine Assembly Shop

Various machines available in Machine Assembly Shop enable manufacturing of high-technology products for machine building and steel making applications. The machinery includes some unique machines: jig borer with calculation optics with its 0.001 mm machining accuracy; deep drilling machine capable of drilling and boring up to 10,000 mm deep holes. This shop adopted production of such items as reheating furnace rolls, drums and rolls for sink equipment in hot dip galvanizing lines, radiant heaters for light annealing of coils. Turning-and-boring lathes perform machining of sophisticated pumping equipment and check valves for chemical and nuclear applications. Flexible endoscope available in the shop is used for internal cavities check up to 3,000 mm deep.

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