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   Shaped Casting

CHLMZ produces various off-standard castings for machine building, steelmaking, oil & gas etc. applications. These castings (up to 4,000 kg) are manufactured from wide range of steels, alloys and irons. Cold setting and core sand mixtures (a-set process) are used in our foundry to achieve high dimensional accuracy and required surface roughness. Cold setting sand-resin mixture is prepared in high speed mixer produced by FTL (Great Britain supplier), capacity being 20 t/h. High performance ARL 3460 spectrometer provides on-line chemistry analysis during steel melting process which results in no deviations from desired steel chemistry. Plant laboratory checks mechanical properties and performance characteristics of casting material such as hardness, strength performance, resistance to intercrystalline corrosion etc. High performance of castings enables their various applications, including high temperatures up to 1250 °С, intensive chemical and electrochemical corrosion.

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