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   Spun casting

Spin (centrifugal) casting is a special type of casting which was successfully adopted at Cherepovets Casting & Mechanical Plant (CHLMZ). The die with material is rotating in casting process, thus resulting in unique properties of centrifugal-cast tubes. Tubes for oil and gas industry and blanks for roll barrels used in steelmaking are cast at new С.С.М. spin casters which ensure required rate of steel solidification. This technology enables dynamic impact on solidification and structure of castings as well as intensive removal of non-metallic inclusions from centrifugal castings. CHLMZ equipment enables to produce centrifugal-cast blanks up to 5,000 mm long and 850 mm in diameter, thus opening wide possibilities for their various industrial applications. With steel being melt in new induction furnaces by Inductotherm, steel melting rate is significantly increased and high quality of steels is achieved. CHLMZ also has technologies to produce cast nodular iron and bimetallic centrifugal-cast blanks which combine steel and wear resistant iron.

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